Object Bitmap


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area of memory you can draw to and display


clear()         clears data area
Copy()        make a copy of image
CopyStructure() copy details to another object
Free()         free object
get()          get new object
Init()          initialise a bitmap
Query()       Pre-initialises a bitmap
Read()        read bytes
SaveToFile()    save bitmap to file
Seek()        seek position in data
Write()        write bytes to data


AmtColours    Amount of colours available
ByteWidth     Width in bytes
Data          Pointer to data
Flags         optional flags
Height         height in pixels
LineMod       Line differential
MemType      memory type to use in allocations
Palette         palette of colours
Parent         owner
PlaneMod      plane differential
Planes         amount of bitplanes
Restore        restore object
Size           total size
Type          display type
Width          width in pixels