Manual Opus Magellan Arexx-Port

Name of AREXX-Port is “DOPUS.X” (X mostly 1)

dopus addappicon
<port> <label> <id> [pos <x> <y>] [icon <filename] [quotes] [info] [snap] [local] [locked] [menu <stem>] [base <base>]      
Add Appicons to screen

dopus addtrap         
(abort|<command>) <handler> [port <portname>]
trap abort button

dopus back            moves screen to rear of display
dopus checkdesktop

dopus command       
<name> program <scriptname> [desc <description>] [template <template>] [source] [dest] [private] [help <helpfile>] [ext <menu name> type <filetype>]
add or replace internal commands

dopus error <code>          retrieve meaningful errors
dopus front             moves screen to front of display
dopus getdesktop       gives back path to desktop folder
dopus getfiletype <filename> [id]        gives back filetype

dopus getstring         
<text> [secure] [<length>] [<default>] [<buttons>]
prompt user

dopus progress
dopus read
[<handle>] [delete] <filename> or <handle> quit
control over text viewer

dopus remappicon <handle>      removes appicon
dopus remtrap (abort|<command>) <handler>         
disables trapping

dopus request <text> <buttons>  request a choice from user
dopus screen          returns infos about screen
dopus send <port name> <string>  send string to another task
dopus setappicon <handle> <item>      do things to appicons
dopus version          determine if certain feature exist

lister add <handle> <name> <size> <type> <seconds> <protect> <comment>
adds entry to specified lister

lister addstem <handle> <stem>         adds files to a lister

lister copy <handle> <destination>   copies contents of lister to another lister

lister clear <handle>             clears contents of lister
lister clearcaches <handle>      flush any cashes created by lister
lister close (all|<handle>)         closes specified lister
lister empty <handle>           display empty cache to lister
lister findcache <handle> <path> find cached dir and display it
lister getstring
<handle> <text> [secure] [<length>] [<default>] [<buttons>]
user inputs string

lister iconify (all|<handle>) [<state>]           iconify lister(s)
lister new [<x/y/w/h>] [toolbar <toolbar>] [<path>] [inactive] [invisible] [iconify]             create new lister

lister query <type>    handles to listers of a certain type
lister read <handle> <path> [force]   read given path to lister
lister refresh (all|<handle>) [full] [date]  refreshes display of a lister
lister reload <handle> [update] reloads a file in lister
lister remove <handle> <name>  removes an entry from lister
lister request <handle> <text> <buttons>  similar to dopus request
lister set <handle> <item> [arguments]   sets a particular item of information for lister
lister select <handle <name> <state>   changes selection state of an entry in lister
lister wait <handle> [quick]     causes specified script to wait for lister to finish

command [wait] [source <handle>] [dest <handle>] [original] or [arguments]           
call internal commands