Manual Opus Magellan NewIcons


NewIcons is an advanced GUI enhancement system for the Amiga which allows for a palette independent icon system. By design, icons are mapped to the correct colours on any system. It is widely available from AmiNet and from Internet sites.

Opus Magellan-II inherently supports NewIcons and it has been extensively tested under NewIcons 3.1 and higher. Opus will use the newicon.library if it is present to remap the icons automatically. NewIcon images for all internal icons and images including AppIcons are also supported. (But see the note below.)

If you turn the Cache Icon Images flag on in Environment/Icon Settings, Opus will sense if an icon is a NewIcon and will automatically not cache it.

Because of the integrated support, NewIcons images and icons will now have the correct colours when Opus is running on its own custom screen as well as in WBR mode. The IconInfo module has been enhanced with the ability to remove NewIcons image information from an icon. This is accessed from a RMB popup menu over the Icon Information requester.

--> Unfortunately there is no mechanism to trap the addition of AppIcons with NewIcon images. Opus will automatically map its own AppIcons but if other applications are using AppIcons with NewIcon images, Opus cannot see them. You must ensure that you are running the NewIcons patch program (c:NewIcons) to give correct images. Opus does not need the NewIcons patch program
for any other reason.


The NewIcons system comes with a set of default icons and an associated simple filetype system known as DefIcons. This system was designed to work only with Workbench and so cannot be used directly with Opus. However, you can use the pretty DefIcon icon images in Opus filetypes. Simply drag the icon image onto the Default Icon area in the filetypes editor.

--> The icons supplied with the DefIcons package are project icons with an associated tool ( a program). However, unlike normal project icons, which run the application as a Workbench process, the deficon system is designed to run the associated program as an AmigaDOS process.This can cause a crash is you use an original Deficon as a real icon with either Workbench or Opus. We have attempted to trap such situations but it is not possible to trap them all. Please check if the program defined as the tool for any Deficon is able to be run as a Workbench process.
Some programs, such as Multiview, can be run either as a Workbench or AmigaDOS process. Some, such as Execute , Delete and other C: commands, will crash your Amiga if run as a Workbench process.

Sample NewIcon Images for Opus

On the Opus Magellan installation disk we have included a directory named NewIcons. Here we have collected a range of PD NewIcons for Opus. You should examine these and install them
manually if you wish to use them. Instructions are provided in the directory.

--> Unfortunately, because of space constraints, we have been unable to fit as many of the available NewIcon images on the distribution disk as we would have wished. More images can be
found on the DOpus Plus CD and from our web pages at http://www.gpsoft.com.au or from AmiNet.