What's New for Opus 5.5

We thank you for your continuing support of Directory Opus. After more than a year of extra development since its original release, Opus 5.5 contains many changes and enhancements over the original Opus 5. Thanks to the feedback from many loyal users and a dedicated band of Beta testers, we are confident that you will enjoy this new enhanced version of the Amiga world's most
popular directory and file management utility. With version 5.5, almost every facet of Opus has been examined and subjected to user scrutiny, backed up by extensive field testing by very persistent Beta testers. In fact, Opus 5.5 is more of a new program than an update. We believe that this version provides many significant improvements in both operational power and
usability. Opus 5 was the first program to attempt to integrate the concept of a file manager with that of a replacement Workbench. We have worked through a number of compatibility problems this caused and this idea has been greatly extended in Opus 5.5. We now believe that this is the best method of using Opus. Why run workbench AND a file manager when Opus integrates the two!

A brief summary of the most important changes is provided below and the details have been incorporated into this new manual.

What's New Highlights of Directory Opus 5.5

  • A new Icon Action Mode gives all the power of Name Mode but with icons. You can now use buttons and commands with icons. Button banks and Listers need no longer be activated first in order to see right and middle mouse clicks. You can select a button
    without first activating the underlying window.
  • You may now have borderless Button banks with a sleek minimal dragbar instead of a full window border.
  • New Filetype-specific pop-up menus allows special menus for icons and files. Through Opus Filetypes you can now add custom menus for different types of files and icons.
  • Custom buttons now have a pop-up menu giving access to an extended selection of commands for the left mouse button events while retaining fixed commands for middle and right mouse clicks.
  • Independent HotKeys are now supported and these may be local to Opus or operate globally on your system.
  • A new Scripts system allows functions to be executed upon
    certain events including a double mouse click, disk inserted or
    removed, etc.
  • Custom menus have been improved and multiple user menus
    are now supported. All menus may now have sub items.
  • WorkBench Replacement Mode has been enhanced. Opus 5.5
    can now be used with complete confidence to replace the standard
  • An integrated OpusFTP capability lets you seamlessly access remote Internet sites from standard Opus Listers just as if they were local directories
  • A new Automatic Filetype Creator allows you to create and test Filetypes with ease.
  • A new font viewer is now included. Just double-click on a font to view it.
  • Enhanced Name Mode Listers now have field titles, single- click re-sorting by fields, plus a new version field which reads the internal version information from each file.
  • Listers can now have individual toolbars.
  • New colour remapping of button and icon images provides support for 'Magic Workbench' and other palette changing systems.
  • A new internal Opus CLI gives immediate access to internal commands allowing to you quickly test commands and ARexx scripts.
  • Unwanted drive icons can be selectively hidden from the Opus main window.
  • Dynamic drag-selection of icons provides better performance.
  • Enhanced clipboard support provides full cut, copy and paste with all string gadgets, and, within Listers, the names of selected entries can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Listers are no longer blocked while busy - you can now resize, iconify, and scroll busy Listers.
  • The 'Execute Command' requester now remembers its last 20 commands entered.
  • Icon and Lister snapshots are now stored separately from Workbench.
  • Listers in Icon or Icon Action Mode can now display a background picture or pattern.
  • The Lister status bar details can be customised.
  • Opus 5's text output can be directed to your selected device other than 'CON:'
  • Icon borders and names can be disabled for individual icons.
  • Buttons in banks and toolbars can now use two-frame images.
  • Several new internal commands have been added.
  • Many new ARexx commands have been added and old ones have been extended with new features. You can now even add you own internal commands directly to the Opus command list.

Summary of Enhancements 5.8

The Magellan-II version not only upgrades many of the earlier functions but also involves an extensive re-development of many components of the Opus 5 system to give you enhanced usability, especially in the Workbench Replacement Mode. Amongst other features, in this version we have concentrated on providing greater user control over your custom Environment with a more powerful but easier to use configuration section, plus many new features such as custom Themes, custom sounds and scripts, improved User and Start Menus, greater Lister functionality, and a dramatically enhanced OpusFTP system where you can now tailor custom setting for individual remote sites and even leave out the site or remote files on your Opus desktop for instant access.

Amongst many other features, the Magellan version gave you:-

  • Enhanced Lister functionality including:- command functions which act on icon mode Listers; new popup menus; optional Space Gauge showing free space on drives, Inline Editing for Name mode Listers and the ability to drag and drop files directly into sub-directories.
  • A new integrated system of Start Menus.
  • A new Desktop Folder mechanism: Drag and drop items to the desktop with the support of optional popup menus.
  • A new Icon Positioning system. Configure areas where icons will appear and their priority.
  • Improved Icon dragging routines plus global control of icon labels and borders; icon label splitting for long labels; a new Icon Command function for special "command" files; and the ability to use traditional Workbench icon positions for icons or exclusive Opus positioning.
  • New Popup menus with shadow look.
  • Cybergraphics support for dragging icons and general display speed with ability to now have full 24 bit backdrops using the V43 datatype, rather than a dithered 256 colour image.
  • Integrated NewIcons support not just for icons but for all system images including graphic button banks plus support for image and animation file formats including DPaintV/PPaint AnimBrushes.
  • The new Magellan-II version refines and extends these features further. These changes are discussed in detail on the subsequent pages, but in summary, the new features include:-
  • Custom Themes - customise your system with your favourite images, sounds, fonts and colours.
  • Improved Lister layouts including proportional fonts, resizable fields, sort indicator, better in-line editing.
  • An amalgamated Options and Environment editor to give you a more intuitive layout for better management of the display and program operations.
  • Background pictures in button banks and start menus including Random images.
    New Outline and Shadow font options for Desktop display.
  • Fully user configurable screen title for display of used and available memory, OS versions, processes etc.
  • New Sound events for Opus and system events - attach a sound to inserting and removing a disk!
    New Opus Path List settings allowing you to easily set the system paths for commands etc.
    Support for Long Filenames up to 107 characters.
  • New graphical layout and better configurability of Button banks and start menus including an 'auto-close' feature. Buttons now support 'Active Popups' - an extended popup menu feature where each button act as a start menu.
  • Enhanced Scripts system with more events and linking to internal commands and OpusFTP. Internal commands now replaceable by user-defined scripts and functions.
  • Improved Start Menus. You can now have multilevel menus and start menus are now always sticky.
  • Improved filetype identification system plus new filetype matching functions for foreign disk types.
  • New and extended icon and Lister and Group popup menus plus Improved Snapshot ability.
  • New Icon Information requester with more detailed display plus new functionality such as ability to change icon type and edit the icon images.
  • Improved support for Drag and Drop functions.
  • Better Icon support with faster displays.
  • Many new ARexx commands.
  • This functionality is complemented by a dramatically enhanced OpusFTP module with many new features including:-
  • Completely revised GUI with new FTPAddressbook, FTPOptions and FTPConnect requesters.
    Individual configuration options for each site including custom format and custom tool bars on a site-by-site basis.
  • Enhanced Drag and Drop allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite FTP sites, directories and files by leaving them out on the Opus Desktop for instant access.
  • Full recursive directory copying can copy whole directories in a single operation!
  • Support for more Opus commands including Getsizes, FindFiles and the Copy command now supports the UPDATE and NEWER flags. Great for web site maintenance!
  • Protect is fully supported with a new GUI allowing you to set remote protection bits in either Amiga or Unix fashion.
  • Seven new Scripts exclusively for FTP on a site by site basis.
  • Automatic reconnection on failure or lost connection.
  • Better site-to-site transfer capability - transfer files between two remote sites without going via your Amiga.
  • Optional transfer and progress displays with more detailed information.
  • Support for firewalls and IP Masking with PASSIVE transfer mode.
  • Lister path gadgets accept industry standard URL syntax.
  • Inline editing of Name and Protection fields now supported.
  • Synchronous command structure so interactive ARexx scripts are now possible! Write BATCH files to transfer selected files.
  • Speed and efficiency improvements with better management of socket options and improved support for all AmigaTCP stacks.